Oceanic Water Softener

Oceanic Water Softener

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If you are using our steam generators commercially you must install a water softener.

- Prolong the life of elements
- Trouble free operation
- Less regular descaling, can reduce to once a year in some cases!
- Comes with a free test kit and chart to inform you of how often you need to regenerate with salt.

Dimensions: H400 x D190mm

Please see the video located in product description for our YouTube Tutorial on Manual Water Softener Regeneration

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Product Description

Why You Need It:
Magnesium and Calcium ions are natural minerals in the water that comes out of our taps, water with large amounts of these is called "Hard Water" and is more concentrated in different parts of the country. When water boils in a steam generator it will deposit this magnesium and calcium inside the boiler and around the elements, over a period of time this can build up quickly and create a layer of limescale inside the boiler covering the elements which then causes them to heat at irregular temperatures and prematurely fail. Oceanic Generators have auto drain down so after every session the machine will drain out this concentrated solution down which will make a difference but not completely. To do the job properly we need to remove the limescale before it enters the tank, we can do this by using a water softener, please note magnetic softeners don't work properly, we strongly recommend only using our Oceanic salt dosed softener.

How It Works:
Magnesium and Calcium are positively charged when in water, inside the water softener there are resin beads which are negatively charged, when the water flows through the beads grab the Magnesium and Calcium and prevent them from passing. When the beads become clogged up with Magnesium and Calcium then then need to be cleaned, we call this "Regeneration" this is where you use salt to wash the beads of the Magnesium and Calcium away, salt is also positive charge so drives the Magnesium and Calcium off the beads which is washed down the drain by switching a value on the softener. The softener is now ready to work again.

How To Set Up:
We give you a test strip and a colour chart, you dip the strip in some tap water and this will tell you how hard your water is in part per million (PPM), from this you can use the chart provided to calculate how often you need to regenerate your softener for maximum efficiency. Check the steam generator specifications to tell you how many litres (Kgs) of water your machine uses per hour. Please note - a water softener will remove most of the limescale, but you will still need to make a routinely descale every 6 months, 3 months or monthly depending on your water hardness.

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