All Oceanic Sauna Cabins and Steam Rooms are designed to be installed on site by a competent tradesperson, carpenter, fitter or builder. All installation manuals and instructions will be provided and these can be viewed on the relevant product page in the 'Downloads Files and Manuals' dropdown section below the product description and pricing. You can also find more technical information including installation video for the saunas in the Technical & Manuals section of the site.

Electrical Requirements

Traditional Finnish Saunas
Finnish style Sauna Heaters do not operate from a 3pin socket

All Oceanic traditional Finnish style sauna cabins are supplied with an electric heater that must be hard wired via an all pole isolator switch to a suitable mains supply. This must be done by a qualified electrician and using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141. This cable is available from us and can be added as an optional extra when purchasing a sauna. The size of the cable and number of cores will depend on power of the heater and type of controls (built in controls requires 3 core cable, external control system 5 core cable). Please refer to the relevant heater manual for more information on cable and power requirements.

Infrared Saunas
Domestic infrared saunas with upto 8 heaters can be powered via a standard domestic 13Amp socket.

Commercial infrared saunas and any infrared saunas with over 8 heaters must be connected to a suitable mains supply via an all-pole isolator switch. Please refer to the relevant sauna manual.

Oudoor Saunas
Outdoor Saunas Traditional saunas will need hard wiring via an all-pole isolator switch as above. The location of the isolator switch and consumer unit will depend on the installation, we recommend speaking to an electrician before ordering the sauna. The control box (if using external controls) for sauna heater can eitehr be housed in an IP rated enclosure mounted to the rear of the sauna, or located inside the roof void. See Outdoor sauna manual for more details.

Outdoor Infrared Saunas with less than 8 heaters can either be plugged into an external weatherproof 13amp socket located near to the sauna or hard wired into the control box from a suitable location. Outdoor IR saunas with more than 8 heaters will need hard wiring via a suitable isolator switch. We recommend speaking to an electrician to ensure you have required power supply before ordering an outdoor sauna.

Steam Rooms
All steam rooms will be supplied with the correct size generator. All steam generators will require hard wiring via an all-pole isolator switch and cannot be operated via a 13amp 3pin socket. Domestic steam generators can run on either single or three phase power. Some commercial steam generators can only run on three phase power. Consult the relevant manual for more details.