Home Saunas

With over 40 years of experience in sauna manufacturing our culture of research, development, function and use are the origins that define Oceanic. All home sauna are made to order using top quality materials, in our own UK based factory by traditional crafts people utilising production line techniques, this allows us to offer top quality saunas at exceptional prices. 

All of our saunas are supplied with an Oceanic sauna heater, sauna rocks, heater guard, fully insulated panels, glass door, benches, backrests, floor mat, water bucket & ladle, sand timer, thermometer, lighting, water resistant encapsulated A4 bathing rules card, comprehensive instructions and all trim timbers and fixings.

Traditional Spruce Home Saunas

Spruce, which has both low heat absorption and low resin content is ideal. Although it grows in many regions, in the northern areas of Scandinavia the countless generations of experience of nurturing trees, pruning and thinning combine with the cooler weather conditions which slow growth ensuring straight strong timbers. The Celebration specification is our most popular and cost effective specification, featuring kiln dried Finnish Spruce timber for the interior features of the cabin. For those seeking extra style and comfort, our Deluxe specification offers an upgrade to Abachi timber for the benches, backrests, floor mat and heater guard, the backrest has an additional slat and is ergonomically curved for user comfort.  

Vision Glass & Hemlock Home Saunas

For these premium home sauna cabins we have selected knot free Canadian Hemlock timber for its luscious range of warm red and brown hues. Western Canadian Hemlock is an ideal timber for use in saunas for a number of key reasons; it does not warp even when exposed to extreme conditions, it is knot and resin free, very hard and strong and has an attractive straight grain. Abachi with its lower thermal conductivity and knot free appearance blends harmoniously with hemlock and is used for the internal components. Tinted bronze glass for the front and side wall create a warmer feel whilst also providing some privacy. Concealed linear LEDs illuminate the walls of the sauna with a subtle glow behind the backrests and low voltage downlights can be switched separately to increase the brightness. Secret fixings are used to finish the cabin with seamless clean and modern style.