Finnish Saunas

Sauna cabins provide a haven of tranquillity, a place to unwind, cleanse your body and refresh your mind. We offer a range of cabins from one person domestic cabins up to 20 seat commercial models. Use a spare room or convert a garage or loft, most models can be tailored to custom sizes and are available with full or partial glass front or sides. 

The word “sauna” is an ancient Finnish word, however the ritual of sauna bathing has existed in every corner of the world for many hundreds of years and in a variety of different fashions. Nowadays we break them down into three categories, traditional Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, and steam rooms. Very early examples of the sauna are: the Finnish Smoke Sauna (savusaunas), the Mesoamerican Sweat Lodge (Temazcal) , the Roman Thermae, the Turkish Hammam, and the Japanese Sentō. Historically using a sauna cabin was not only a bathing activity but also a social one, and that social aspect of sauna bathing is still a very prominent part of Nordic culture today.

The Traditional Finnish Sauna

Today most traditional Finish saunas use an electric heater with very dense Peridotite rocks placed on the heating elements. Before taking a sauna the cabin is heated for around 30 minutes allowing the air temperature to rise to 80°C or more and for the benches to become comfortably warm. At the same time the air is dried to a very low humidity of 10° or less. It is this very hot desert dry condition that gives rise to the unique sauna bathing experience. Splashing water onto the sauna rocks gives a short lived burst of extra humidity and the experience of the temperature rising very quickly to induce copious amounts of perspiration.

The Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna cabins operate in a different way to the traditional sauna, whereas traditional saunas heat the bather via convection; by heating the air and walls around them, infrared is experience as radiant heat; infrared emitters heat the body without having to heat the air in between. Put simply when we stand in the sun we can feel the warmth, however when we stand in the shade we instantly feel cooler even though the air temperature remains the same. Infrared saunas operate at much lower temperatures with a maximum of around 60 degrees Celsius. The infrared spectrum is broken down into three segments determined by wavelength, IRA (short wave), IRB (medium wave) and IRC (long wave), the shorter the wavelength the deeper the penetration into the skin.

All sauna cabins are supplied complete with a full height safety glass door, benches, a traditional rock sauna heater or infrared emitters, accessories, fittings, installation instructions and a user guide. Upgrades for sauna heater and digital controls are available for all sized models. Constructed from only the finest quality timber sourced from trusted merchants, all of our sauna are designed for easy installation, no plumbing or drainage, plastering or building work, all that is required is a space that leaves a 25mm air gap all around the sauna cabin and a suitable electrical power supply.