Commercial Saunas

The Commercial Sauna 

Oceanic Saunas offer two ranges of commercial sauna:

Our light duty commercial sauna cabins are recommended for use in small salons or venues where the sauna will be used for up to around 20 hours per week, they feature reinforced benches, a heavy duty base which lifts the walls panels off the floor offering additional height and providing protection to the wall panels by lifting them away from any water laying on the ground. 

Our heavy duty commercial sauna cabins are suitable for any commercial venue and are designed specifically for long day operation.  They feature extra thick double insulated wall panels, 940mm disabled access width sauna door, heat proof wall panels around the heater, heavy duty benches, a waterproof extra duty base, robust bench legs for additional strength, and a choice of our Oceanic floor standing or behind bench sauna heater.  The behind bench sauna heater offers a number of benefits including; safety (it is hidden behind a false wall away from the sauna bathers), protected heating elements, improved energy efficiency.