15kw Oceanic Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Generator

15kw Oceanic Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Generator

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Oceanic Heavy Duty Steam Generator with OCD Digital Remote Controls:

  • Connection to Three Phase Power only
  • Suitable and guaranteed for 16 Hour A Day Operation
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Day / Time Programmable  
  • Automatic Descaling
  • Steam on Demand
  • LCD Display With Detailed Diagnostics
  • Button for Fan and Light Powered Off Main Circuit Board
  • Large Bore Drain Valve with Easy Access Cap for large limescale deposits
  • 12 Months Warranty 

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Regular Price: £5,360.00

Special Price £2,680.00

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Product Description

The OCD range of heavy duty steam generators is designed for trouble free continuous use for up to 16hours in commercial environment such as a spa, gym or hotel. The advanced control system allows scheduled programming to activate the generator at different times during the day for a fully automated operation. The descaling cycle can also be programmed to run at a set time during the week to ensure the tank is kept free from limescale buildup. The large bore drain valve has easy access cap for easy removal of any limescale deposits.

The LCD display has detailed diagnostics also allows lighting and fan to be switched via generator. 

Our unique Steam On-Demand feature is perfect for users who want to save energy on a steam room that is not permanently occupied. 30 minutes of steam can be activated at a push of a button. The button can be located inside or outside the room. 

12 Month Warranty excluding the elements. 

Note: 13.5kw - 18kw Steam Generators are only suitable for connection to Three Phase power supply

Output 15Kw
Dimensions (LxWxH) 610mm x 310mm x 585mm
Controller OCD digital controller
Electrical Supply 400 Volt 3 Phase
High Density Rooms (Stone/Ceramics) m³ 10 - 13
Low Density Rooms (Plastic/Laminates) m³ 12 - 14
Number of Elements 3 x 5Kw
Water Consumption Ltrs/hour 18.75
Which generator to choose

Light Duty Steam Generator

Light duty commercial Steam Generator

Heavy Duty Steam Generator

Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Generator


Up to 20 hours a week Up to 16 hours a day

Steam on demand

Yes Yes

Programmable sessions in advance

No Yes; you can program 2 sessions per day

Automatic; programmable descaling

No Yes.
For example, decide to descale every Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Steam Outlet

1 1 output for the 6kw model.
2 outputs for all other powers
Available powers 6kw, 8kw, 9kw, 10,5kw,12kw 6kw, 9kw, 12kw, 15kw,18kw
Included 1 Oceanic steam generator
1 temperature sensor and its 4m cable
1 control box and its 5m cable
1 steam outlet, red
1 pressure release valve
1 steam on demand button
1 Oceanic steam generator
1 temperature sensor and its 4m cable
1 control box and its 5m cable
2 steam vents, red (x1 for 6kw)
1 pressure release valve
1 steam on demand button 
1 descaling pump


12 Months 12 Months

Product Features

Auto Descale 

To ensure long life of a commercial steam generator running continuously throughout the day the auto descale feature is essential. 

From the keypad you can choose which day and time you want the descaling cycle to take place (for example Sunday 00:00 - 7:00). The generator is supplied with a pump which pumps from a large container of premixed citric acid on the plant room floor. The generator will heat the acid so the reaction speeds up, it will drain down at the end of the cycle, you can choose how long you want the descale cycle to last but we advise no shorter than 4 hours. The generator will descale itself on the same day and time every week unless this option is turned off. 

120litre and 25 litre containers are available from our website to store the liquid descaling solution.

Instant Steam On-Demand

30 minutes of steam at the push of a button, reduces running costs and extends life of the generator.

For commercial operators where the steam room is left empty for many hours through the day. Install a button outside of the steam room that users press when they want to use the room, each push of the button will give 30 minutes of steam. The generator holds the water in the tank at 85oC so that when the button is pushed the generator will steam instantly.

Note - the user will have to wait for the room to heat up but in most cases this is not a problem, the use of bench heating is a solution to this. 

Teflon Coated Incalloy Elements

Oceanic Steam generators are fitted with powerful long life elements specially coated to help resist build up of limescale. Heating elements are easy to replace and can be bought individually or in discounted sets via the website. 

Sequential Heating

From cold both elements operate for rapid heating, when the room temperature is almost reached some of the elements are turned off and the required temperature is achieved by alternating power to the remaining elements to gently maintain the temperature without large fluctuations improving user comfort.

OCD Steam Generator Element

LCD Control Panel - Fully Automated Control

The OCD generator is supplied with a programmable LCD display with detailed diagnostics. Program your steam generator to automatically turn on and off multiple times during the day.

Auto Drain and Flushing

All generators feature an auto drain down with a self flushing cycle to dump the boiler contents in a controlled manner. At the end of each steaming session the generator will stop for a few minutes to allow the water to cool a little then the drain valve will open and after a short time the cold water inlet valve will open to give a period of continuous flushing and draining.

Flushing and draining the boiler reduces the build up of damaging limescale, cooling the elements before the final drainage helps prolong their useful life.

Twin Steam Nozzle

OCD generators have two steam outlets and are supplied with high visibility nozzles for use in commercial environment.


Large Bore Drain Valve

We have increased the size of the drain valve and given it an easy access cap to allow easy cleaning of any limescale deposits. 

Safety Features

Thermal overload cut out, boil dry protection and pressure relief valve are all included on every steam generator

Generator Technical Information

Delivery & Warranty

Delivery to Mainland England or Wales £18 for other areas please use our delivery calculator at the checkout or call our sales team for a quotation. Orders placed before 4pm will be despatched the next working day.

Carrier: Parcelforce
Service: Express 24
You will receive an email confirmation from Parcelforce to confirm your order is due to be collected.  If a mobile telephone number is provided when you place your order you will receive text notifications regarding the status of your delivery.
Please note: In most cases orders are delivered on the next working day but on occasion may take up to 3 working days.
For full details please refer to our Shipping Policy

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All Oceanic sauna heaters have a 12 month warranty.
The warranty excludes heating elements as these are consumable items.
Our after sales service is at your disposal Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm, & Friday 9am - 3pm, all parts are in stock and will be available during and beyond the warrant period.

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