2 Person Home Infrared Saunarium IR2020-SP

2 Person Home Infrared Saunarium IR2020-SP

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Number of bathers: 2

1368 length x 1368 depth x 2020 height 

Indoor use only

This sauna comes with:

  • 3 x 300 (900Watts) Black Infrared Heaters 
  • Digital control system with external keypad
  • Mini Steam Generator + Saunarium water barrier treatment for the cabin interior 
  • Tempered safety glass door 
  • 5 slat benches 
  • Floor mat
  • Heater guard / backrests 
  • Two low voltage downlights
  • Simply plug into 13amp socket (not extension lead)
  • 5 Year Guarantee (excludes consumables i.e. elements)

Regular Price: £5,600.00

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Regular Price: £5,600.00

Special Price £2,800.00

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Product Description

Get ready to sit back in the calming oasis of the Oceanic Infrared Sauna, which comes as a free-standing timber cabin to use inside your home. This ready-to-go style is handmade to order in our UK factory, but if you can’t find the exact size you’re looking for we can modify an existing model to fit. Once you’ve chosen your sauna, it will be delivered flat-packed to your door, ready to be installed and enjoyed. 

What is an infrared sauna?

Our infrared sauna is powered by infrared radiation, which heats your body without needing to warm the air around you. The infrared output we use contains a mixture of short, medium and long-wave infrared known as ‘full spectrum’ and is similar to what you feel from the sun on a bright summer’s day.

The air inside an infrared sauna will still feel warm but hits a maximum temperature of 60°C, whereas a Finnish sauna can reach 110°C. A key bonus to infrared saunas is that they require much less power.

The sauna comes with a timber floor mat, benches, backrest, electric emitters, a digital control system, lighting and an accessory pack. 

How do you use it? 

As an infrared sauna doesn’t warm up the air, there is less heat-up time, so you can turn it on and start using it straight away. There’s no benefit to lying down or having multiple seating levels, so people usually sit upright with an emitter directly behind them or possibly to the side or front. This makes them really well suited to smaller spaces.

The health benefits

Sauna bathing has been used as a method of relaxation, stress relief, and increased wellbeing for many years. Research shows that infrared saunas in particular can be good for sports injuries, muscle painscirculation and heart health

If you are intending to use a sauna for a health condition, we recommend you consult your GP first. Please also be mindful that there are some risks associated with using a sauna, so you should make sure to stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcohol. 

Setting up your sauna 

All of our saunas come flat-packed with assembly instructions. Unless you’re a dab hand at DIY, we recommend you choose a local fitter or carpenter to install it. If you can’t find anyone local, we can recommend someone who is familiar with our products. 

The wall and ceiling panels are pre-constructed, but the benches, backrest and floor mats will need to be assembled before they go in. For a two-person sauna, it will typically take around one day to install; anything larger will take longer.

All of our domestic infrared saunas can be plugged into a 13amp socket. The electrical connection to the heater must be carried out by a qualified electrician. 

Handy hints:

Watch our Oceanic Infrared Sauna installation video. 

Read our installation manuals for the sauna cabin and heater. 

The installation checklist

Before you think about purchasing one of our saunas, you need to check that you can provide the following things: 

  • A level, washable floor, preferably stone, ceramic or concrete
  • A 25mm air gap all around the cabin to allow air to circulate
  • A suitable 13 amp power supply (domestic saunas only)
  • A minimum ceiling height of 2,200mm to include space for the control system. If you have a ceiling height between 2,020 and 2,200mm, we can supply a special kit so the control system can be installed at a lower height, i.e. on the outside wall of the sauna cabin. Customers with less than 2020mm would need to look at bespoke sauna kits.
  • Space for the door of the cabin to open outward, from either a left or right hinge. In restricted areas it’s possible to assemble the sauna cabin from the inside.

Room panel layout 

Start by planning the layout for your sauna. The room layout is made up of a number of panels, which sit under the timber cladding. The standard wall panel size is 615mm wide x 1,895mm tall x 50mm thick. A half panel is 307mm wide x 1,895mm tall x 50mm thick. Choose from a wide range of predetermined sizes. For example, an IR-2020 is two full panels deep by two full panels wide. All the wall and ceiling panels are built in our factory and are fully insulated. 

If you can’t find the right size, we can modify panels for a fee. Just call up our sales team and we can make any of our custom sizes smaller to suit your dimensions. 

See our full list of shapes and sizes. 

Timber cladding

There are two types of timber that can be used to line the inside and the outside areas on show. We fix the timber to the panel frame so that you can’t see the nails, giving it a smooth, clean finish. 

Scandinavian spruce

Spruce is an ideal material for saunas because it has low heat absorption and a low resin content. In the northern areas of Scandinavia where it’s cooler, the trees are pruned and thinned and they grow slowly to provide strong, straight timbers. The timber is kiln dried in the country of origin, then checked for quality before being assembled into a sauna cabin. We only purchase top-grade material that is free from dead knots, splits and shakes.

Canadian hemlock

Western Canadian hemlock is another excellent timber for saunas. It doesn’t warp even when exposed to extreme conditions, it’s knot and resin free, very hard and strong and has an attractive straight grain. Hemlock ranges in colour from warm reds to browns, which combine to create a beautiful appearance. This timber is typically around twice the cost of Scandinavian spruce so it will affect the final price of your sauna. The frame of any glass or door panels will also be made from Hemlock if selected.

Bench kit

Our bench kits come with benches, backrests and floor mats. Benches can be open or filled in, but please note that we use more timber for the filled-in option so it’s more expensive.

Bench timber

You can choose from either spruce or knot-free abachi timber for the benches, backrests and floor mats. Abachi timber is less dense and cooler to the touch, so you don’t need a towel when you sit on it, but it is typically around twice the price of spruce.

Glass panel layout

Glass panels can be added to the sauna to let in more natural light, help you see in and make a small area feel more spacious. We can add in glass panels in three different ways:

  • Layout A - Timber on all sides with a glass door
  • Layout B - Front wall in glass with the rest in timber
  • Layout C - Front and side wall in glass with the remaining rear and side wall in timber

Glass colour

You can choose two different types of glass, both cost the same. There is clear glass and a darker bronze-tinted glass, which helps to create a more private and atmospheric environment. 

Sauna heater

The Oceanic Infrared Sauna is supplied with full-spectrum infrared emitters that are wall mounted in timber covers, either vertically behind backrests or horizontally beneath bench level.

If you want to increase the humidity, we have a mini steam generator that can be fitted inside most of our infrared saunas as an optional extra. You can use the steam unit alongside the infrared emitters to create a saunarium. And you can add in some soothing aromatherapy, if you fancy it too. 

The controls

We supply a control system that plugs directly into a 13amp socket (except for commercial cabins, which must be hard wired). The control box typically sits on top of the cabin. If your space is below 2.2m, please request an extension kit for longer cables. The control system includes a keypad which typically fits to the front of a timber panel or can be located within 10m of the control box.

There are two keypads available: the standard Oval keypad or you can upgrade to our touchscreen OSX keypad. The Oval keypad allows you to digitally program the start time, working time and target temperature for the sauna. You can also add up to two lighting circuits. The keypad also displays diagnostic information, such as if the sauna overheats. The touchscreen OSX keypad has increased functionality, is simpler to use and includes a child-lock function.


To brighten up your sauna, you can opt for a variety of lighting options, which include: 

  • Low-voltage downlights, which are provided as standard. These can either be controlled via an external control system or wired into a nearby wall switch
  • Optional linear LED lighting (warm white or colour change options), which sit behind the backrest
  • Optional wall lamp and shade
  • Optional fibre optic ceiling lighting with changing colours and twinkle effects

Timber protection 

Saunas are a safe, relaxing space, which is why our saunas are typically made from untreated timber so as not to release any chemicals in the air. If you want to change the colour of the timber on the inside or out, you can use our specially manufactured sauna wax which won’t produce any toxins. We also have a bench protector to make it easier to clean. 


Want to add in a few more gadgets? If you fancy listening to some music while you kick back, we can provide bluetooth speakers or heat-proof IP-rated speakers that can be fitted into the ceiling panels.

Delivery and warranty  

Delivery to mainland England or Wales costs £59. For other areas please use our delivery calculator at the checkout or call our sales team for a quotation.

Sauna cabins are delivered in pallets to the curbside of your property. We recommend two people are available to offload the pallet, which usually takes around 20 minutes. Gloves and safety goggles are recommended especially when handling glass.

Once your cabin has been manufactured (Click here for current lead times) it will be dispatched and you will receive a call from the carrier two days in advance of delivery to arrange a suitable delivery date. If your sauna is not immediately required please let us know as soon as possible, as all sauna cabins are made to order.

For full details please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Basic warranty

All Oceanic sauna cabins have a 12 month warranty. The warranty excludes heating elements as these are consumable items. 

You can speak to our team about parts during or beyond your warranty period from Monday to Thursday, 9am–5pm, and Friday, 9am–3pm. 

Timber warranty 

What does this timber warranty cover?

The warranty covers any defects to timber materials used within the sauna under normal use. This includes the internal cladding, external cladding, benches, bench supports, backrests and floor mats.

What will Oceanic do to correct a problem?

In the rare event that a warranty claim is required Oceanic Saunas will provide a replacement for any confirmed broken piece of timber. This will not necessarily require the entire part to be replaced, e.g. an individual bench slat rather than the entire bench. Oceanic may offer a replacement but the customer may be required to return the product to Oceanic at the customers expense. The customer should follow the claims procedure as described below.

How long does the coverage last?

The timber warranty covers all the timber parts mentioned above for five years commencing from the point of sale/purchase by the customer. No certificate is required and there is no need to activate the warranty, all records of the purchase are kept by Oceanic Saunas Ltd.

What does this warranty not cover?

  • Use of domestic equipment in a commercial environment
  • Loss or theft
  • Damage resulting from negligence
  • Damage resulting from unauthorised modification
  • Damage caused by natural disaster
  • Consequential and indirect damage caused
  • On site installation, fitting or removal of items

What do you have to do?

To make a warranty claim, the customer is required to:

  • Provide all information required by Oceanic to assess the issue
  • Oceanic may request detailed photographs
  • Oceanic will make a judgement based on this information as to what replacement parts may be needed or if items need to be returned and replaced
  • Where a replacement is granted, the customer must first return the initial product to Oceanic or may be required to be sent to the product manufacturer, this will be confirmed by Oceanic during the claims procedure. The return shall be at the expense of the customer and should be sent via a recorded courier service. Oceanic holds no liability for items lost or damaged in transit.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1368 x 1368 x 2020mm
Total KW 0.9kw
Model IR2020
Flat Packed Yes
Materials the Sauna can be erected on Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete
Bench Width 430mm
Number of Low Benches 1
Number of Bathers 1
Air Gap Requirements 25mm
Plugs into 13A socket Yes
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