Silicone Bound Heat Proof 3 Core Cable

Silicone Bound Heat Proof 3 Core Cable

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Silicone bound heat proof 3 core cable, suitable for use in traditional sauna cabins:

2.5mm cable, suitable for use with Oceanic Sauna heaters with built in controls, 27amps maximum

2.5kw = 11amps
3kw = 13amps
4.5kw = 20amps
6kw = 26.4amps  

Heater Size Cable Size  Cable Type Qty Required  
2.5kw Built in control 2.5mm 3 Core  3 metres
3kw Built in control 2.5mm 3 Core  3 metres
4.5kw Built in control 2.5mm 3 Core  3 metres 
6kw Built in control 4mm 3 Core 

3 metres

Mini Steam Generator  1mm 3 Core  3 metres
Sauna Lamp and Shade  0.75mm 3 Core  3 metres 

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Product Description

These silicone-insulated multicore cables, resistant to high and low temperatures, are used as mobilbe connecting cables for equipment where high temperatures can arise as well as for ambient air temperatures between -60°C and +180°C. These cables can withstand temperatures up to 250°C for short periods.

These cables are used in all areas of low mechanical load where high and low temperatures can have direct effect, these cables are perfect for saunas and saunarium installations. Please look at the table to match the correct cable to the sauna heater.

Characteristic features:

  • Temperature resistant from -60°C to +180°C, for short periods 250°C, flexible at low temperatures down to -25°C in continuous operation.
  • These cables are approved to supply temperature class 'H' up to 180°C
  • In the event of fire, no fire support; retention of the insulation and low smoke emission


  • The silicone compound is resistant to ozone, oxygen and wheathering.
  • Resistant to transmission oil, acetone, aniline, boric acid, brake fluids, methanol, engine oil, sulphur dioxide, tartaric, and citric acid, sea water as well as vegetable and animal fats.
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