Sauna Combined Thermometer / Hygrometer

Sauna Combined Thermometer / Hygrometer

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Sauna combined thermometer / hygrometer 
Thermometer - 0°c - 120°c - measures temperature 
Hygrometer 0 - 70% humidity 

Normal Humidity 

60 °c  = 15-30% relative humidity 
80 °c  = 8-15% relative humidity 
100 °c  = 3 - 8% relative humidity 

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Product Description

When taking a sauna bath, the degree of heat and humidity inside the sauna cabin are those features which make you feel well. 
In general, we estimate that the temperature inside the sauna should be between 80-90°c, the humidity of the sauna cabin is equally important, the cabin should be well balanced, not too humid and not too dry. With the rising temperature within the sauna the relative humidity drops. 

Hanging the sauna thermometer / hygrometer 
Correct placement of the instrument on the wall of the sauna cabin is essential, we recommend that it is hung around head height of the person sitting on the upper bench which is usually around 30cm below the ceiling of the sauna. Under no circumstances should the thermometer / hygrometer be hung above the sauna heater. We recommend placing the thermometre / hygrometre on the opposite wall to the heater.

When pouring water onto the sauna heater rocks the relative humidity will show a sudden rise and then gradually fall to a low value. 

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