15kg Sauna Rocks

15kg Sauna Rocks

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15kgs of Sauna Rocks for use with Traditional Sauna Heaters. 
These peridotite rocks are commonly used in Sauna Cabins as they are very dense and contain an extremely low number of air pockets.  Peridotite is an igneous rock type that is often rich in iron and magnesium which possess a relatively high heat capacity, idea for use in sauna cabins. 

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15kgs of Sauna Rocks for use with Traditional Sauna Heaters.

Do not use a sauna heater without rocks/stones, otherwise it may cause a fire. Only use sauna stones/rocks in the sauna heater.
Do not use ordinary rocks/stones in a sauna heater. Ordinary stones may emit harmful substances, easily break and do not posses good heating capacity.

Installation & Size Adjustments

Wash the sauna rocks to clear the dust before putting them into the heater. Rocks of unspecified sizes should not be used. The diameter of the rocks is about 3 - 8cm.

Put the larger rocks at the bottom of the stove compartment and smaller ones on top. Do not pile them tightly so that air can flow freely. 

NOTE: Too tightly placed rocks decrease working time of the heater element, the rocks should plainly cover the heater element.

Rearrance the rocks in the heater at least once a year or twice if it is in frequent use (maximum 500 hours). To decide the correct volume of rock in the sauna heater refer to diagram below:

Sauna rocks placement diagram

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