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Choosing the right sauna - Home saunas 

Oceanic Saunas offer three ranges of home saunas, Traditional Finnish saunas with a rock sauna heater in a choice of Spruce or Hemlock timber and Infrared saunas in Spruce. 

Finest Quality Timber

Oceanic Saunas only every purchase timber supplied by reputable mills who are members of the TTF (Timber Trade Federation) and who are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme of Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified, this means that all of our sauna cabins are constructed not only from top quality material but also from timber that has been sustainably and ethically sourced.  Timber selection is crucial to the correct performance of the sauna cabin, here at Oceanic Saunas we predominantly manufacture saunas in kiln dried Spruce and Abachi (sometimes referred to as Obeche), in more recent years we have introduced a range of saunas manufactured in Western Canadian Hemlock. 

Kiln dried Scandinavian Spruce - Our Celebration specification timber 

Spruce, which has both low heat absorption and low resin content is ideal.  Although it grows in many regions, in the northern areas of Scandinavia the countless generations of experience of nurturing trees, pruning and thinning combine with the cooler weather conditions which slows growth ensuring straight strong timbers. Specifying top grades means we take only material which is free from dead knots, splits and shakes, the timber is kiln dried in the country of origin, it is then checked again for quality before being assembled into a sauna cabin.

Abachi - Our Deluxe specification & Vision Range timber 

Abachi is a tropical hardwood grown in Africa, classed as a whitewood the colour ranges from creamy white to pale yellow which darkens slightly over time. Abachi is particularly suited for use in sauna cabins due to its low thermal conductivity, remaining cool even in the extreme sauna temperatures, it remains straight and doesn’t warp and has very good strength to weight ratios. With its knot free appearance and its close and interlocking grain this timber is almost featureless giving a clean overall appearance, it is also very soft and smooth to the touch.

Western Canadian Hemlock - Our Vision Range timber 

Western Canadian Hemlock is an excellent timber for use in saunas for a number of key reasons; it does not warp even when exposed to extreme conditions, it is knot and resin free, very hard and strong and has an attractive straight grain. Utilising the hidden nail technique securely fixes the cladding to the panel frame providing a clean finish. Hemlock ranges in colours from warm red to various brown hues, these slight differences in cladding colours combine to create an attractive overall appearance.

Oceanic Home Saunas 

Our range of Traditional Finnish and Infrared Home sauna cabins are built using a combination of full and half width panels, this enables us to offer an almost limitless range of cabin sizes.

All panels are fully insulated, and are clad on both the exterior and interior faces allowing the cabin to be assembled free standing in almost any location without the need for brickwork, plastering or fixing to walls .
The door mounted in its frame is the same size as a panel and entirely symmetrical allowing its position on the to be readily interchanged, though the door must for safety reasons be opened outward it can be hinged either left or right. In many cabins it is possible to have more than one bench layout, we are happy to advise on individual circumstances.

  Sauna Panel grid  (2).jpeg
Image shows model D2020 traditional sauna cabin - 2 x 2 full width panels 

Requirements to installing an Oceanic sauna in your home:

  • A level, washable floor, preferably vinyl, stone, ceramic or concrete
  • 25mm air gap all around the cabin to allow air to circulate
  • A suitable power supply - isolated 230V single phase or 400V three phase supply to the correct standard installed by a qualified electrician.
  • In restricted areas is it possible to assemble the sauna cabin from the inside
  • The door of the cabin can be hinged left or right but must open outward
  • A qualified electrician must be used for the installation of the sauna heater.

Size Adjustments:

Modifications can be made to reduce the size of the sauna width and depth, the height of the sauna must not be altered. Full details on how to make modifications can be found in our "Sauna Assembly Manual" which is available for download from the "downloads" tab above.Size adjustments can also be made in our factory, for full details on bespoke sizing please call our sales team: 01902 450550.

Celebration or Deluxe 

Our Traditional Finnish and Infrared home saunas are available in two levels of specification, Celebration or Deluxe, our Vision Glass & Hemlock saunas are specified in deluxe timber. 

Our Celebration saunas are our most popular and cost effective specification, they feature Spruce timber for the benches, backrests, floor mat and heater guard, the lighting provided is a sauna lamp and wooden shade.

For those seeking extra style and comfort, our Deluxe specification offers an upgrade to Abachi timber for the benches, backrests, floor may and heater guard, the backrest has an additional slat and is ergonomically curved for user comfort.  Abachi timber is knot free hardwood with an attractive appearance, it is selected for use in saunas due to its low density which keeps it cooler and reduces the need to use towels inside the cabin. The lighting provided is low voltage spot lights.

In addition to the deluxe features we have added an additional stat to the benches to increase their depth, and hidden LED lighting behind the back rests provides a subdued atmosphere. Low voltage lights switched separately provide additional light where required.  Two walls of glass available in bronze or clear glass, we also offer the option to change one of the glass walls to hemlock.

Running Costs:

The cost to run an average sauna cabin with a 4.5kw heater is 54p per hour. (using an average unit cost of 12p per kWh, please check with your service provider for exact unit costs.)