Commercial Saunas

Oceanic Saunas offer two classes of Traditional Finnish commercial sauna cabins, light duty commercial and heavy duty commercial

Light Duty Commercial Saunas 

Our light duty range of saunas are designed for less rigorous operation and are suitable for situations such as salons and small spas. These saunas are a step up from our home sauna rage, we have reinforced certain areas of the sauna to allow for the toll of additional bathers:

Reinforced sauna benches

A double wall frame beneath the bench strengthens and reinforces, accommodating for the toll of additional bathers. 

Oceanic Saunas reinforced sauna bench

Extra duty sauna base

We have increased the size of the base of the sauna making it more robust and lifting the panels off the ground providing a little more cabin height, lifting the wall panels off the ground also protects them from any water laying on the ground prolonging the life of the sauna. 

Oceanic Sauna base home and light duty commercial comparison

Sauna Heater

Light duty sauna cabins are supplied with either an Oceanic floor standing sauna heater or EOS thermat sauna heater, both are complete with digital remote controls which can be positioned in a plant room or behind a reception desk for ease of control.

Our floor standing heater has been built for long day operation, finished in stainless steel, designed to hold a large quantity of rocks which retain additional heat. Long life incalloy elements are supplied as standard.  

The German made EOS thermat sauna heater is slightly smaller than the floor standing heater and is suitable for our smaller light duty commercial saunas.

Sauna Heater Controls

A sleek remote keypad allows the user to preset the sauna heater 12 hours in advance, control precise sauna temperature, activate lighting inside cabin, check diagnostics.  A separate control box houses the heavy duty electrical components which switch the sauna heater elements sequentially during operation to maintain an accurate temperature inside the cabin. Also included is a temperature sensor to be located inside the cabin which also provides overheat protection. The low voltage connection between the control box and the keypad allows the user controls to be located in another room to the sauna, i.e. behind reception desk to prevent tampering.

Not only are digital controls are more accurate and more reliable than conventional controls they are particularly suitable for commercial use - allowing the operator to maintain control over the sauna temperature and prevent tampering. A series of LEDs show each function of the heater and allow for quick and simple fault diagnosis in the event of a problem occurring.




Our heavy duty saunas were introduced to our range in 2013, they were developed to accommodate the growing demand for long day operation. We have carefully considered the major features commercial operators require in order to produce an efficient and robust sauna.  Using our vast knowledge of the commercial sauna industry, our design team have developed a range of heavy duty commercial sauna cabins that meet the criteria we consider to be vital to our clients and in turn your customers. 

Longevity - Built to last
Every aspect of the sauna has been considered with robustness and longevity in mind, from extra strong timber, to heat proofing and waterproofing materials, and heavy duty sauna heaters.

Aesthetics & Efficiency
Each panel is constructed using the hidden nail technique to create a seamless finish and is double insulated to improve efficiency and reduce heat loss.

Extra Thick Double Insulated Wall Panel

We have increased the height of the wall panels to allow for an additional layer of benches. 
All wall panels are manufactured from 18mm thick Scandinavian Class A Spruce cladding with hidden nail profile creating a clean, flawless internal finish to the cabin, they are fully insulated with DIN4102 Earthwool fibre insulation and lined with an aluminium sheet to provide two layers of insulation improving efficiency, reducing the energy requirements and prolonging the life of the heater. 

The heavy duty base lifts the sauna panels off the floor and is treated with a water resistant tanking solution so that the panels cannot absorb any water laying on the ground (for example after cleaning). 

Spruce Cladding 

Timber selection is crucial to the correct performance of the sauna cabin. Spruce, which has both low heat absorption and low resin content is ideal.  Although it grows in many regions, in the northern areas of Scandinavia the countless generations of experience of nurturing trees, pruning and thinning combine with the cooler weather conditions which slows growth ensuring straight strong timbers.
Specifying top grades means we take only material which is free from dead knots, splits and shakes, the timber is kiln dried in the country of origin, it is then checked again for quality before being assembled into a sauna cabin.

Kiln Dried Spruce for Finnish sauna

Disabled Access Safety Glass Door 

A full height clear glass door constructed from tempered safety glass, 940mm in width to allow for wheelchair access.  

Thicker Bench Timber 

25mm thich Sprice timber is used in the heavy duty range to give more durable and stronger benches

Oceanic heavy duty commercial sauna bench comparison

 Heat Proof Panles 

To avoid scorching of the timber panel behind the heater unit all heavy duty cabins are supplied with heat resistant panels positioned behind and above the sauna heater.

 Oceanic heavy duty sauna heat proof panels

Floor Standing Heater

Oceanic Floor Standing heater with OCS-B controls is available in 3 sizes: 9kw, 12kw and 15kw, low votage control panel and high voltage control box. Must be wired three phase.


  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Stainless Steel shell
  • Large 25kg rock basket
  • Long life incaloy elements
  • Simple to replace elements
  • On view inside the sauna

Behind Bench Heater

The Oceanic behind bench heater with OCS-B controls is a wall mounted unit that is located behind a false wall at the rear of the cabin. The behind bench heater is available in 3 sizes: 6Kw, 9Kw and 12Kw. There are many advantages of this model of heater


  • Built for heavy duty use
  • Protected heating elements
  • Rocks do not come into contact with heating elements 
  • Drip and eveporation trays control the water dosing. This prevents water being splashed directly onto the elements which is a common cause of element failure in standard sauna heaters.
  • A water dish and hose are fitted with the behind bench heater, users pour water into this dish mounted behind the false wall and the water is distributed evenly across the rocks.
  • Safer to use - prevents any accidental injuries from users being able to come into contact with the hot surfaces of the heater
  • More energy efficient 
Oceanic Floor Standing Sauna Heater  Oceanic Behind Bench Sauna Heater