Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Room Kit

Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Room Kit

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Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Room Kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Generator with advanced features
  • Steam Room Door complete with frame, hinges and door handles
  • 2 x Steam Guard for Inlet Nozzle
  • Steam Room Exhaust Vent Kit
  • 5KG Descaling Crystals
  • 2 x Low Voltage Steam Room Light and Transformer
  • SteamAroma One Way Fragrance Pump
  • Bottle Kit:1 x 5 litre bottle with reducer
  • 4 x 1 litre Steam Aroma

Heavy Duty Generators are suitable for commercial use for 16 hours a day.

You can also add a Water Softener to your kit - essential if you are using a commercial generator in order to prolong the life of the elements.


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Regular Price: £5,950.00

Special Price £3,041.00

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Product Description

The heavy duty commercial steam room kit comprises everything required to finish your own steam room:

A modern Oceanic Steam Generator with electronic controls with digital display and temperatures of 30 to 60 degrees centigrade. Safety features include boil dry protection, thermal overload safety cut out and pressure relief valve.  Oceanic steam generators have been designed with sequential heating, prolonging the life of the teflon coated incalloy elements. Complete with installation instructions and 12 months guarantee.  For commercial use up to 16 hours per day.

A modern full height safety glass steam room door with all the fittings. Choose from bright chrome or polished white finish. 

A steam room nozzle guard for the inlet nozzle, a vent kit and a low voltage IP65 lighting system with transformer.

1 x 5 litre bottle with reducer and captap. The bottle holds diluted fragrances and is then used in conjunction with a Fragrance Pump in order to add essence into a Steam Room via the Steam Generator.

We even provide your generator with our citric acid descaling crystals, essential for maintaining your steam generator. Regular descaling is the best method of extending the life of your generator.

Oceanic Fragrance pump which comes with 4 x 1 litre aroma  -  All SteamAroma fragrances are made from essential oils and delivered as a concentrate - dilute with water 20:1 

Optional extra - you can add to your kit is a Water softener  - If you are using our steam generators commercially you must install a water softener. This will prolong the life of elements.


Which generator to choose

Light Duty Steam Generator

                           oceanic light duty steam generator

Heavy Duty Steam Generator

                    oceanic heavy duty steam generator OCD


Up to 20 hours a week Up to 16 hours a day

Steam on demand

Yes Yes

Programmable sessions in advance

No Yes; you can program 2 sessions per day

Automatic; programmable descaling

No Yes.
For example, decide to descale every Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Steam Outlet

1 1 output for the 6kw model.
2 outputs for all other powers
Available powers 6kW, 8kW, 9kW, 10,5kW,12kW 6kW, 9kW, 12kW, 13,5kW,18kW
Included 1 Oceanic steam generator
1 temperature sensor and its 4m cable
1 control box and its 5m cable
1 steam outlet, red
1 pressure release valve
1 steam on demand button
1 Oceanic steam generator
1 temperature sensor and its 4m cable
1 control box and its 5m cable
2 steam vents, red (x1 for 6kw)
1 pressure release valve
1 steam on demand button 
1 descaling pump


2 years 2 years

Product Features

Oceanic OCD Steam generator

The OCD range of heavy duty steam generators is designed for trouble free continous use for up to 16hours in commercial environment such as a spa, gym or hotel. The advanced control system allows scheduled programming to activate the generator at different times during the day for a fully automated operation. The descaling cycle can also be programmed to run at a set time during the week to ensure the tank is kept free from limescale buildup. The large bore drain valve has easy access cap for easy removal of any limescale deposits.

The LCD display has detailed diagnostics also allows lighting and fan to be switched via generator. 

Our unique Steam On-Demand feature is perfect for users who want to save energy on a steam room that is not permenantly occupied. 30 minutes of steam can be activated at a push of a button. The button can be located inside or outside the room. 

12 Month Warrenty excluding the elements

                heavy duty steam generator

Full Glass Door

A fully glazed door with toughened 6mm glass, chrome handle and hinges with either chrome or white frame is included with all steam rooms. The standard size is 785 x 1850mm, alternative sizes frosted glass are available please see the Steam Room Door page of the website for the full range. 

All seals are provided. The threshold at the bottom of the frame can be removed if required. There is 40mm of adjustment in the width of the frame. See the Steam Room Door Manual in the downloads section for more details on installation.

                                    785 Chrome steam room door


We supply IP65 low voltage spot lights which illuminate the room which softens and becomes a relaxing glow as the room fills with steam. You can choose to have fibre optic lighting as an optional extra, therefore you could have the fibre optic lighting on when using the steam room, and use the spotlights when you clean, or can have them both lights switched on together for a brighter feel to your steam bath experience

             Steam room spotlight


Ventilation is created naturally via an inlet air gap beneath the door and a passive adustable exhaust vent positioned near the top of the steam room.

              steam room vent kit

Steam guard for Inlet Nozzle

Depending on the design of your steam room and the location of the inlet nozzle many users will find this an effective protection. Manufactured from stainless steel and toughened glass it can be retro fitted in most locations - either attach the plate to the wall behind the nozzle with screws or locate the plate onto the steam inlet pipe directly behing the inlet nozzle.

              steam room nozzle guard

Aroma Fragrance pump

The new patented Oceanic Fragrance Pump with unique Fragrance-On-Demand feature allows users to control the pump from inside the steam room at the touch of a button. The small compact unit uses a long life carbon brush pump to quietly draw liquid aroma up to 2m from ground level so there is no need to mount heavy bottles on the wall. All parts are easy to access in case of any future maintenance. The dosage quantity and frequency can be easily adjusted on the front of the unit. 

The pump is automatically activated via the temperature sensor attached to the steam pipe or users can manually operate via the Fragrance-On-Demand button supplied with the unit to be located inside the steam room.

We recomend SteamAroma fragrance concentrates for use with this pump - Please see Steam Aroma category for our complete range.

one way fragrance pump for steam aroma

4 x 1 Litre Steam Aromas

Eucalyptus is a an all round favourite with it's sharp distinctive aroma, it invigorates the senses, clears the head and gives rise to a feeling of freshness. 
The distinctive citrus aroma of oranges is almost everyones favourite pick me up. 
Ever popular Lavender provides the floral delight of a summer's evening to soothe away the stress of the day. 
The unique freshness of a herbal infusion with rosemary lifts the spirit and clears the mind.

steam aroma
Optional Extras

Fibre Optic Lighting 

Turn the ceiling of your steam room into a sparkling celestial constellation with our fibre optic lighting kit. 120 points of light all powered by a single light source located on top of the steam room. White Twinkling or fading RGB effect included with a RF remote control. The long life LED lamp ensures minimum maintenance but access should be factored in when installing the steam room. 300mm of access is required above the steam room for installation. See the manual in the downloads section for further details.

Fibre Optic

Concealed Shower Kit

The steam room is ideally suited to doubling up as a walk in sit down shower. Our concealed shower kit includes both rain shower and handheld shower which can be useful for washing down the benches. We provide a thermostatic mixer and diverter on an elegant chrome finish plate which can be concealed within the wall of the unit. 

Concealed Shower Kit

Bluetooth Speakers 

Listening to your favourite relaxing music whilst enjoying your steam room couldn't be easier with our bluetooth waterproof speakers. Each speaker is rated to 60W and the bluetooth controller can also accept an auxillary input. Compatible with all bluetooth enabled devices. 

Bluetooth Speakers

 Oceanic Water softener

If you are using our steam generators commercially we recommend for you to install a water softener.

- Prolongs the life of elements
- Trouble free operation.
- Less regular descaling, can reduce to once a year in some cases!
- Comes with a free test kit and chart to inform you of how often you need to regenerate with salt

oceanic water softener
Delivery & Warranty

Delivery to Mainland England or Wales £40, for other areas please use our delivery calculator at the checkout or call our sales team for a quotation.

Carrier: Panic Transport 
Service: 7-10 working days (includes picking and packing times)

Steam room kits are delivered on a palletised shipping service to the kerbside of your property. Delivery is within 7-10 working days, you will receive a call from the carrier 2 days in advance of delivery to arrange a suitable delivery date. Gloves and safety goggle are recommended when handling the glass door.
For full details please refer to our shipping policy.


All Oceanic steam room kits have a 12 month warranty. The warranty excludes steam generator elements as these are consumable items.
Our after sales service is at your disposal Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm, & Friday 9am - 3pm, all parts are in stock and will be available during and beyond the warrant period.

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