Celebration Home Saunarium Kit - Combi Sauna & Steam

Celebration Home Saunarium Kit - Combi Sauna & Steam

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The Celebration Home Saunarium Kit comprises:

  • Oceanic Sauna Heater
  • Oceanic Mini Steam Generator 
  • Saunarium Heater Control Box and Key Pad 
  • Water Proofing Saunarium Coat 
  • Sauna Glass Door complete with frame, hinges, door handles 615 x 1875mm
  • Bucket and Ladle
  • Sand Timer
  • Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • IP Rated spotlight x 1 and transformer
  • Herb bowl
  • 2 x Spruce Head Rests 
  • 2 x Spruce Floor Mats 
  • 1 x Vent Kit 
  • 1 x 3 Sided Spruce Sauna Heater Guard 
  • 1 x Towel and Fragrance Rack complete with 4 bottles of fragrances

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Regular Price: £2,958.00

Special Price £1,479.00

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Product Description

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Sauna Heater + Mini Steam Generator. Nowadays thanks to digital controls a broad variation of conditions can be experienced in a single room; our traditional saunarium heater combines a steam generator with a sauna heater with a controller that allows a number of settings.  Oceanic combined Saunarium Heater allows the user to select from 4 options, Caldarium, Tepidarium, Saunarium and Sauna, each option provides a unique experience. 

Sauna Glass Door complete with frame, hinges, door handles 615 x 1875mm
Celebration Accessory Pack Bucket and Ladle, Sand Timer, Thermometer, IP rated spotlight & transfomer.

Enhance your sauna experience with our herb bowl. Slice a lemon or lime, crush a handful of your favorite herbs and toss them into this bowl with a little water , hang it directly over the sauna stove using the chain and hook provided - the extra humidity will combine with the delightful natural fragrances adding another dimension to your sauna experience.Can also be used with Himalayan salts. Stainless steel bowl with chain and fittings.

2 x Head Rests
2 x Floor Mats
1 x Vent Kit
1 x 3 Sided Sauna Heater Guard
1 x Towel and Fragrance Rack complete with 4 bottles of fragrances

Electrical Information

Technical Drawing

Installation Requirements 

  • Sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, they require hard wiring via an isolator switch using high temperature silicon rubber cable to BSEN 6141 (not included). Purchase 3 Meters as an optional extra or See our sauna accessories page for Silicone Rubber Cable in order to order different lengths.
  • For heaters with Built in Controls the lights must also be wired separately with silicon bound heat proof cable.  Silicon bound cable is available to purchase from our Sauna Accessories page.
  • For heaters with Remote OCSB controls, the control box will supply the heater, keypad, lights and temperature sensor. The control box is usually positioned on the roof of the cabin
  • A suitable power supply - isolated 230V single phase supply to the correct standard installed by a qualified electrician.
Sauna heater clearance distances Oceanic Sauna heater with built in controls 1

Oceanic Sauna Heater with OCSB installation overview 3-4kw

Running Costs 

The cost to run an average 4.5kw sauna heater is 54p per hour. (using an average unit cost of 12p per kWh, please check with your service provider for exact unit costs.)

Optional Extras

Chromotherapy Light

Seamless colour transition between all colours in the spectrum. Remote control included with variable brightness and ability to change between colours. Suitable for infra red and traditional saunas.
[Important: must not be installed above 1500mm within a rock heater sauna cabin]

Oceanic Sauna Chromotherapy Light

120°C High temperature waterproof IP65 sauna speakers with Bluetooth 

Two water proof IP65 rated 120°C 10 cm (4") speakers with plastic basket and grill. Balanced, high cone frequency response efficiency and good high to mid-range reproduction. Suitable for use in swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms. Bluetooth mini stereo audio for connecting to Bluetooth enabled devices. 


Delivery & Warranty

Delivery to Mainland England or Wales £40, for other areas please use our delivery calculator at the checkout or call our sales team for a quotation.

Carrier: Panic Transport 
Service: 7-10 working days (includes picking and packing times)

Saunarium kits are delivered on a palletised shipping service to the kerbside of your property. Delivery is within 7-10 working days, you will receive a call from the carrier 2 days in advance of delivery to arrange a suitable delivery date. Gloves and safety goggle are recommended when handling the glass sauna door.
For full details please refer to our shipping policy.


All Oceanic saunarium kits have a 12 month warranty. The warranty excludes sauna heater elements as these are consumable items.
Our after sales service is at your disposal Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm, & Friday 9am - 3pm, all parts are in stock and will be available during and beyond the warrant period.

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