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Sauna Accessories Kit

Sauna Accessories Kit

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A comprehensive set of high quality sauna accessories, comprising:

  • Deluxe wooden bucket and ladle with handle and plastic insert liner 
  • Deluxe thermometer 
  • German made sauna sand timer
  • IP rated lamp and shade

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A comprehensive set of high quality sauna accessories, comprising: 

Sauna Bucket with waterproof liner and matching Ladle
For use in Traditional Sauna Cabins, this bucket and ladle has a waterproof liner to protect against the natural expansion and contraction of the wood in the wet, dry and hot environments it is exposed to.  
A Sauna Bucket and Ladle is a common accessory in all Traditional Sauna Cabins, it allows the bather to slowly dose the rock heater with a ladle of water, this produces a burst of humidity and causes the bather to sweat.  
Often Sauna Bathers will mix essential oils or Sauna Aromas into the water bucket to add a fragrance into the air, this is a great way to add another element to the bathing experience. 
Thermometer - 0*c - 120*c - measures temperature 
Sauna Sand Timer - 15 minutes
A Sauna anti-explosion Lamp + Wooden Shade 
Designed specifically for use in high temperature sauna cabins, this lamp and shade produces a subtle and subdued light which is commonly seen in sauna cabins, a favourite among sauna users. 
The lamp can be situated high up in the cabin, or to produce an even more subdued light it can be fitted beneath the benches of cabin, it produces a great look when combined with bench infills.  
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