Mini Steam Generator

Mini Steam Generator

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Oceanic Mini Steam Generator - for use in Infrared Sauna Cabin 

Must only be purchased with our Oceanic Domestic Infrared Sauna Heater Kits, not suitable for other infrared saunas or commercial establishments. 

  • 1kw Mini Steam Generator 
  • 2ltrs Saunarium waterproofing treatment to protect the timber inside the sauna

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Combining an infrared sauna with bursts of steam for the increased pleasure and relaxation. Infrared saunas are normally dry saunas, but many users enjoy the sensuality of steam and increased humidity of the more traditional sauna.

The Oceanic mini steamer which has been designed for use with our hermetically sealed infra red emitters, it is wall mounted and has 3 steam setting. Equipped with boil dry protection, indicator lights to show the water levels and power settings. A splash guard also provides a space to place crushed herbs or drops of essential oils so as to infuse the steam with their fragrance and elevate the experience to another level.


The Mini Steam Generator system has been designed with simplicity in mind no plumbing or drainage is required – the generator is topped up with water from a jug or a kettle. During a 10 to 15 minute session only a cup full is boiled away – and thanks to the special coating of Saunarium Coat, at the end of the steaming session any small amount of condensate left inside the cabin can easily be sponged away, then the door and vents left open for it to dry.

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