Ice Fountain

Ice Fountain

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Flakes of ice fall into a glass bowl presented in an attractive alcove or on a plinth (not included), the ice is used to cool the body after a heat experience in sauna or steam room. Hot / cold therapy has been a well known effective treatment since Roman Times. The warming and cooling increases blood flow around the body from  vasodilation and vasoconstriction of blood vessels, it has also been shown to help promote circulation in the lymphatic system, this positively affects the inflammation process, which is the body's primary mechanism for healing damaged tissue.

Unlike a plunge pool an Ice Fountain uses much less space, costs less to buy, install and run.

Kit Includes: 

  • Ice Machine (requires water, power and drain)
  • Bright Polished Stainless steel ice chute and mount (500 long)
  • Clear Glass Bowl 
  • Through Beam Sensor Kit to stop ice when the bowl is full

Please note: images show the finished product after it has been built into an alcove and tiled, this is not included and is left upto you to decide on how it will finished. 

We recommend a water filter is used (essential in hard water areas) - please see option below

The ice machine can be installed above the bowl (straight chute) or in an adjacent room (angled chute). 

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